Can I recover a deleted shift/user/project etc.

You've accidentally deleted a shift, user och something else. No worries, it happens to everyone! 

Here is what you can do to recover it.

I have deleted a user

In Timezynk you can only file users by pressing on the button "Archive" in user settings. This means that the user is deactivated and cannot use Timezynk. If you want to activate the user again, you do the following: 

  1. Go to "Users" > "Show Archived".
  2. Press "Restore" on the user you want to restore. Now the user, including his/her schedule and settings are restored. 



Note! You can adjust the general setting so that archived profiles are to be deleted permanently after a certain amount of time. You do this by:

    1.  Go to  "General settings" > "Register settings" > "Users".
    2. Then there's a box called "Archived instances" where you can choose how many days the system will store your archived user profiles.
    3. Note! A user profile which has been permanently deleted cannot be restored. 



I have deleted a shift and/or order  

If you have deleted a shift or an order, there are different ways of recovering it.

  • Recover deleted shift: The easiest way to retrieve it is to create a new shift that is a replica of the old one. Since the shift is deleted, creating a new shift will not interfer with time reports, bookings or other parts of the system. 
  • Recover deleted order: A deleted order from a customer can be recovered by creating a new one. Note that this is only duable on the current day or in the future. If the deleted order is set before the current date, you need to create a normal shift instead with the same customer and users. This will not affect invoicing or payroll but merely what information that is visible in the shift. 

I have deleted a project/task or other registers

Similar to users, you can only file projects, tasks etc. If you want to activate the register again, you do the following:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the far right corner > "General settings" > "Register settings".
  2. If it's a whole register that you want to restore (for example a project):
    1. Click on "Show Archived ()".
    2. Press on the tool on the right side of the object you would want to restore.
    3. On the left side you have a red box. Press on the button "Restore registry".




   If it's a field within a register that you want to restore (for example project number): 

    1. Click on the register where the field that you want to restore is based. 
    2. Click on the button "Archived fields". 
    3. Click on "Edit" on the right side of the field you want to restore. Press on "Restore" at the bottom of the box. 
    4. Note! If you have pressed on the button "Cleared" on the field, then it is permanently deleted and cannot be restored. 




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