How do I move shifts or schedules from one user to another?

If you need to switch one or several shift or maybe a whole schedule from one user to another there are a couple of different ways to proceed, depending on what kind of shifts that are included. Below there's instruction of the easiest ways to do so: 


Individual shifts 

If you want to switch a shift to another user you can do it either by drag and drop or by clicking on the shift > "Book". Then click on the red cross to unbook the current user, then on the green button of the user you would like to switch to.


If you want to copy the shift to someone else you can either choose more than one user to be booked for the shift. You do this by clicking on the shift > "Edit" > "Antal".


The other way is to right click on the schedule > "Copy shift and.." > "Save". Then you drag the shift to the user you would like to book. 



Rolling schedule, one 'roll'

  1. Right click on a shift from the roll out that you would want to switch. 
  2. In the meny, choose "Rolling schedule" and click on "Edit rolling schedule". 
  3. Click on "Select" shifts if you want to change all shifts in the roll out.  
  4. Click on "Edit" on the left hand side.
  5. A side menu will appear on the right hand side. Click on "Tools" right by the user you would want to cancel and then on "Cancel booking on selected shifts". 
  6. Choose which user you would like to book instead and press on "Tools" on the right side of the selected user, then "Book on selected shifts". 
  7. When you're happy with the switch, click on "Update rolling schedule" to save the changes. 


Rolling schedule, several 'rolls' 

When it comes to several rolls, the easiest way is to do the same procedure as with one roll and just repeat it for all the rolls. 



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