How do I upload and manage files?

You upload a file by: 

  • Clicking on the tab "Files" in the left menue
  • Click on the button "Upload". 
  • Click on "Choose file" and choose what to upload. The system will automatically know what kind of file it is and categorize it. 

Note: Maximum file size is 20MB and the supported formats are : JPEG, png, xlsx, PDF, docx. 

You delete a file by: 

  • Clicking on the button "delete file".
  • Choose "yes" on the question "Are you sure?".

You delete several files by: 

  • Marking the files that you want to delete.
  • Click on the button "Delete" and answer "yes" on the question "Are you sure?"

Connect file to a register by: 

  • Go to general settings > register settings
  • Add a new field to the register that you would like the file to be attached to. For example shifts. 
  • Choose "File" under "Type" and then save. 
  • Now you can upload a file to that register. For example if you've added a file field to the register "Shift" you will be able to upload files to all shifts which then can be downloaded by your users. 
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  • Avatar
    Jacob Palme

    Dont understand what a "registry" is!

  • Avatar
    Louise Andresson

    Hi Jacob!

    A register in Timezynk is similar to a category with a certain kind of information. For example "shift" is a register where you can see and change what kind of information that is shown on all your shifts, "task" is another register.
    You can also add new registers to suit your business as well as archive those that are not relevant.

    Edited by Louise Andresson