How do I upload and manage files?

You upload a file by: 

  • Clicking on the tab "Files" in the left menue
  • Click on the button "Upload". 
  • Click on "Choose file" and choose what to upload. The system will automatically know what kind of file it is and categorize it. 

Note: Maximum file size is 20MB and the supported formats are : JPEG, png, xlsx, PDF, docx. 

You delete a file by: 

  • Clicking on the button "delete file".
  • Choose "yes" on the question "Are you sure?".

You delete several files by: 

  • Marking the files that you want to delete.
  • Click on the button "Delete" and answer "yes" on the question "Are you sure?"

Connect file to a register by: 

  • Go to general settings > register settings
  • Add a new field to the register that you would like the file to be attached to. For example shifts. 
  • Choose "File" under "Type" and then save. 
  • Now you can upload a file to that register. For example if you've added a file field to the register "Shift" you will be able to upload files to all shifts which then can be downloaded by your users. 
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