How do I manage user profiles?

The page "Users" can be found in the menu to your left hand side.

In this page you can add new users and manage users' profiles.

The user list is grouped by role by default. To change the grouping click on the the button "Group".

In the page you are shown users' phone numbers, comments, employments ids, tags and the most recent logins.  You can adjust the information shown by clicking on "Display columns" at the top right corner. 



When you as an owner or a manager click on one of the user's names, you get an overvier of the user's work schedule, time reports, profile information, comments, tags and other settings. You are able to make changes to all of the settings and information you see in front of you.

Due to limited permissions as a supervisor you are only able to see and work in tabs "Schedule" and "Approve".


  • Schedule - see the user's schedule, time reports and availablity. You may also book the user directly from this view.
  • Approve - Get an overview of the user's time reports and approve them.
  • Profile - Enter information such as employment number, social security number, bank account number etc. In this tab you are also able to archive the user profile when the employment contract is over.
  • Work hours schedule - Add user's working hours defined in their employment agreement or collective agreement.
  • Tags - Tag the user to note their qualifications, type of employment, place of work etc.
  • Settings - Change user's role, set whether the user can see colleagues' schedules or not, set the start and end date for the employment and weekly booking limit. In this tab you are also able to send out a new invitation to Timezynk to the user.
  • Comments - Provide information that might be relevant to your colleagues (this information is not visible to the user)
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