How do I configure settings for roles in Timezynk?

On the page "Manage roles" under "General settings" you can configure settings for the different roles which can be assigned to your personnel.

Note! It can take up to 10 minutes for role permissions to be updated. After that, users either need to reload the page / restart the app or log out and log in again.



  • View scheduled shifts - Allows users to either view their own schedule or everyone's schedule
You can give this permission to a selected group of people in user settings.
  • Exchange shifts - Gives users permission to exchange shifts with colleagues
  • Create schedule - Gives users permission to book themselves to shifts.
  • Express interest in open shifts - Gives users permission to express interest to open shifts

Time reports

  • Create standalone time reports - Allows users to create their own time reports without being scheduled on shifts
  • Create overlapping time reports - Allows users to create overlapping time reports
  • Report scheduled shifts - Demands that users report time
  • Update time reports - Allows users to update their own unapproved time reports
  • Delete time reports - Allows users to delete their own time reports
  • See calculated salary for shifts - Allows users to see calculated salary for their own shifts


  • Create overlapping availability - Allows users to create overlapping availability reports


  • Send message - Allows users to send messages

PIN code

  • Use PIN code - Demands the use of a PIN code when logging in to Timezynk


Most settings for managers and supervisors are preset and cannot be changed.


  • Override shift permissions - Allows managers and / or supervisors to book staff to shifts regardless of their tags.

Time reports

  • Creating overlapping time reports - Allows managers and / or supervisors to create overlapping time reports.

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