How do I create invoice articles?

Start by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner and press "Invoice articles" under "Invoice".

Then click on "+Add", fill in the neccessary fieds and save the article.

This is the information you can fill in:

  • SKU -  article number (the same number you use in your economy system).
  • Description - what the article refers to.
  • Weight - where in the list the article will be placed.
  • Price - can be fixed or fetched from fields in your registers. e.g. the client register. You can also add addition charges, discounts, multipliers and denominators. Each field can be fixed or fetched from registers.
  • Currency - in what currency is the price shown.
  • Unit - standard is to report executed work in hours (h) but you can choose a different unit.
  • Calculation - what determines the price: hours, amount of shifts, amount of shifts and users, days, days and users or a value from any numerical fields in your registers.
  • Calculation/Factor and Denominator - multiplies or divides the calculation, e.g. worked hours, with a number. This is commonly used when calculating mileage allowance. These fields can have either fixed values or fetch them from numeric fields in your registers.
  • House work - relevant when your customers can get a tax reduction for the services you provide.
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