How do I integrate Timezynk with Visma eAccounting?

Make sure you have Visma Integration enabled

Without the module "Visma Integration" enabled, your integration with Visma eAccounting will not work, that is, it will not be possible to transfer invoices or synchronize customer register.

To check if the module is on do the following:

1. Log in to Visma eAccounting
2. Go to "Apps and extentions"
3. Check if it says "Activated" in the box called "Visma Integration"

Integrate Timezynk with Visma eAccounting

To connect the programs so the following:

1. Click on the gear icon and then on "Integrations" in the side bar.
2. Click on "Activate" under the heading "Visma eAccounting". Note! A module in Timezynk needs to be activated for the button to be visible. Please contact us and we will help you activate the module!
3. Accept the integration by entering your Timezynk username and password
4. Press on "Connect to eAccounting" 
5. Log in to Visma eAccounting
6. Make sure all boxes are checked
7. Click on "Yes, Allow"
8. Choose in which direction your customer register will be synchronized. If you choose the syncronisation "from Visma eAccounting to Timezynk", your customer register in Timezynk will be read-only.
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