How do I invoice for the first time?

Preparations needed before creating and transfering invoices

There are a couple of things you need to set up before you can start creating and transfering invoices.

  1. Activate the module connected to your invoicing system in Timezynk (please contact our support to do that)
  2. Integrate Timezynk with your invoicing system
  3. Create invoice articles with numbers that match the ones you have in your invoicing system
  4. Create invoice agreement defining what rules apply to each of the invoice articles
  5. Add customers to Timezynk and make sure that they match with the customer list in your invoicing system
  6. If you are using project numbers or cost centers when invoicing make sure you have these in both of the systems

Create invoices

Go to "Invoice" in the main menu, choose a time intervall you wish to invoice for and click on "+ Create new invoice" at the top right corner. After matching approved time reports with your invoice agreement the system will generate invoices which you can review by clicking on "Show invoice rows". Then click on "Save invoice" to save one invoice or "Create all" to save all of the automatically generated invoices.



After saving you can edit the contents of every invoice by clicking on them. Just don't forget to save your changes.

By default your invoices will be saved on today's date, that is, the date you have created them. 

Transfer invoices

To transfer one invoice click on it and scroll until you see "Transfers". In that section click on a button called "Send to..." (the name will vary depending on the invoicing system).

To transfer more than one invoice, choose the invoices you want to transfer, click on "Transfers" and choose "Transfer to..." (the name will vary depending on the invoicing system).

Status of your transfer(-s) is visible in the page "Invoice".

  • If the transfer has been successful your invoice(-es) will be assigned invoice number(-s) and will be marked with green check mark(-s).
  • If the transfer has failed your invoice(-es) will be will be marked with red triangle(-s). The reason for failure can be checked in each individual invoice. 


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