How do I manage incoming orders?

Incoming orders

New orders appear on the "Incoming" page in the "Orders" category in the main menu. The list shows information about orders and you click the button > to proceed to a selected order.

Complete order

If the order form contains fields that must be completed on the order, they are displayed here. If they have an * asterisk, they are mandatory.

Complete shift

If the order form contains fields to be completed on the shift, they will appear here, and if they have an * asterisk, then they are mandatory.

Approve order

In order to approve, the mandatory additions must be complete, if they exist depends on the order form. Click the buttons "Approve" or "Reject" the order.

Send confirmation

To proceed, you send a confirmation to the customer that you have approved the order. The shift now appears in the schedule and can be staffed.

Order fully booked

When the order is fully booked, you can send a new booking confirmation from the order. However, it is not needed as the client automatically sees the booked user in their schedule.

Further actions

There are further steps that are optional, these include "Approval", "External approval" and "Create invoice documents". When the order is complete, you can click "Finish Order". That way you know you don't have anything left to work with on it.

It is possible to create invoices based on the orders afterwards.

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