How do I create and manage tags?

Tags are labels that you use to select your staff in different ways.

Here are some examples of when it can be good to create tags:

  • Tasks require certain qualifications
  • Employees have different forms of employment
  • Employees work in different units/departments

The "No users allowed" tag exists in the system from the beginning and is there to remove permissions for all users regarding chosen registers.

Create a new tag and tag personnel

The easiest way to create tags is to press on the gear icon> Manage tags.

In the "Manage Tags" page click on "Add", name the tag, and press "Save". Then click on the tag you just created and check the boxes to the left of the employees who should have the tag.

Link a tag to registers

In addition, you can link tags to your register posts by selecting a tag and clicking on one of the tabs that represent your registers. Check the boxes under columns "Schedule" and "Report". By doing this you will make sure that only those users who have the right knowledge and skills are booked on shifts and have the permissions to report them. 

Change the name of a tag

Click on "Add", name the tag and choose the old tag in the field "Copy from". Then click on "Save and you are done! Don't forget to delete the old tag.

Remove a tag

Click on a tag you want to delete, press on "Settings" at the top right corner, and then click on "Delete tag".


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