How do I integrate Timezynk with Fortnox?

Before you can transfer invoices from Timezynk to Fortnox, you must connect the two programs together.

Log in to Fortnox and click Marketplace at the top right, then click Apps. Keep in mind that you need to be a system administrator to be able to add Timezynk as an app.

Search for Timezynk and then tap Activate in the top right corner.

You are then forwarded to Timezynk and the Integrations setting, where support has already activated the integration if you asked for this, otherwise just contact us and ask us to activate the integration in Timezynk. Then select under the Activate button.

You will then be sent back to Fortnox where you approve permissions. Once you approve this, you will be sent back to Timezynk again, where it will now show that your Timezynk account is linked to Fortnox.

There you can also select a register to be managed as a customer register where new customers that are created are automatically sent over to Fortnox


The invoice document is transferred directly by scrolling down to the Send to Fortnox button on the invoice document and clicking on it. You can then find your invoices by pressing Menu>Invoicing>Customer invoices in Fortnox.


When it's time to make payroll, you export the payroll to a PAXml 2 file, which you then import into the calendar in Fortnox.



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