How do I integrate Timezynk with Visma Payroll?

Integration with Visma Payroll

By importing the payroll basis from Timezynk into Visma Payroll you will automatically get all time reports and deviations into the payroll, which will guarantee correct calculation of salaries.

There are some settings to adjust before getting started.

Settings in Visma Payroll

First, start Visma Lön and go to Archive> Company maintenance> Company settings. Choose the tab Import/Export. Tick the box Using import from other time reporting system and choose what folder to save the payroll bases in. The easiest way is to choose the folder Downloads since your browser will automatically suggest this when downloading the files from Timezynk.

You can also make adjustments to how the various time codes in the payroll basis are connected to the salary articles. Press the button Time codes.. and you willget a list of time codes where you can change the existing connections or add your own time codes. The numbers in the column Time code are what should be written in the salary articles in Timezynk.

Payroll run

Now you are ready to do your first payroll run.

Start by downloading a payroll basis file from Timezynk by logging in and choosing Payroll in the menu. Define the time intervals that you want on the payroll and press Download > Visma Lön.

Create a new payroll in Visma Lön as usual. Visma Lön will show a dialogue window where you get to choose what file you want to import as payroll basis. Choose the file you just downloaded from Timezynk and import the file.

During your next payroll run you only have to go through the last two steps, meaning creating a file in Timezynk and importing it to Visma Lön.

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