How do I log in for the first time?

The moment a manager at your company adds you to Timezynk you get an invitation e-mail. Note that the sender in the email is Timezynk Support.

When you have received the invitation e-mail click on "Choose password". Then fill in your chosen password and click on "Save new password". 


Now go to either Google Play or App store (you will find links to these in the invitation e-mail) and download Timezynks mobile app. 

Then open the app, fill in your user name (you will find it in the invitation e-mail), password and click on "Login". 

Could not login? That could depend on the following:

  • You are using an old invitation email (72 hours have passed since you have received the e-mail). Please contact your manager to get a new invitation.
  • You have already used the link in the invitation email to create a password (it can be only used once).

Read more about how you can reset your password here.

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