How do I manage absence?

Even the most thought through plans are subject to change.  Working schedules are no exeption and that is partly because of absence.

Let's go through the most common types of absence to learn more about how manage each case using Timezynk.

Your employee got sick or is taking care of their sick child

First you make a copy of the shift that is allocated to the employee who got sick/is taking care of their sick child so that you can book the shift on someone else.

To do that you open the schedule, right-click on the shift you want to be copied, press "Copy and.." and then click on "Save" in the side bar to your right. By doing so you will create an unpublished copy of your chosen shift. This copy can be then dragged to another employee directly or placed in the row with all the non-booked shifts so that you can allocate it later.


The next step is to note that the employee got sick/is taking care of their sick child. To do that you click on the original shift, go into the tab "Edit" and change the orginal task to "- Sick"/"- Care of sick child". This will change the colour of the shift to orange.

If you do not use tasks when scheduling you could choose a time code called "- Sick"/"- Care of sick child" instead.

Your team is planning to take some paid vacation days

To communicate their wishes your team can create availability reports in the mobile app. These reports help you to get an overview of how many employees want to take vacation at the same time and plan your day-to-day operations accordingly. 


To confirm their requests for paid vacation you can then book chosen employees on shifts with either task "- Vacation" or time code with the same title.

Tip! To save time scheduling longer periods of vacation use rolling schedule.

In case you need to deny some requests to keep your business operational you simply book your employees on ordinary shifts.


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