HVB home - How do I adjust the system to fit my organisation?

Due to it's flexibility Timezynk is used by organisations in various industries, for example, healthcare, recruitment & consulting, railway, hotel & restaurant, facilities management, etc.

While using the system with the standard settings for shifts and time reports work well for some of our customers, we believe that tailoring the system to fit one's needs is what makes the biggest difference in day-to-day operations. 

Set up for a HVB home

A HVB home shift tipically includes information about task, start- and end time as well as breaks and on duty hours. Bigger organisations also add information about which unit the shifts are scheduled to both to keep their employees well-informed and to get a better overview of the overall schedule.


In the example above we have a 24 hour shift which includes both ordinary unpaid breaks, each 30 minutes long, and 9 paid on duty hours. Which of these are paid and not paid is defined in the salary agreement that you and our Customer Success team build together.

Here are detailed instructions of how you can build an identical set up in your accout.

1. Restore register "Unit" (if you have more than one unit)

  • Go to "Register settings" (the gear icon at the top rigt corner> "Register settings" under "Register")
  • Click on "Show archived" at the right top corner
  • Fins the row with the title "Unit" and press on the tool icon to the right
  • Click on "Restore register" to your left hand side

2. Add register "Unit" your shifts (if you have more than one unit)

  • Go back to "Register settings" and click on the title "Shifts"
  • Click on "+ Add" and in the field called "Type scroll down the list until you see "Registers"
  • Pick register "Unit" and save

3. Edit title "Breaks"

  • In register "Shifts" locate a field called "Breaks"
  • Click on "Edit" to your right and change the title to "Breaks/On duty hours"
  • Save the changes

4. Remove register "Customer" from your shifts

  • In register "Shifts" locate a field called "Customer"
  • Click on "Edit" to your right
  • Click on "Archive" at the bottom of the side bar

5. Contact us to activate module for multi-day shifts

  • Module for multi-day shifts allows you to create a shift that starts on one day and ends on another. 
  • Tip! In the mean time there is trick that you can use. In the field for end time enter an earlier time than your start time and the system will interpret the shift as a multi-day shift.

6. Change order of the fields in your shifts (optional)

  • You can drag and drop the fields to change their order. Watch the clip below to see how it works.

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