Cleaning company - How do I adjust the system to fit my organisation?

Due to it's flexibility Timezynk is used by organisations in various industries, for example, healthcare, recruitment & consulting, railway, hotel & restaurant, facilities management, etc.

While using the system with the standard settings for shifts and time reports work well for some of our customers, we believe that tailoring the system to fit one's needs is what makes the biggest difference in day-to-day operations.


Set up for a Cleaning company

A cleaning company usually deals with a lot of customers and a lot of sites that has to be visited every day by different staff, while also following all of the instructions from all those customers. To be able to accommodate those needs, it is important that the shift is clear on when, where and how the work is to be carried out.


In the example below, the fields are showing specific shift information, which customer and what task is supposed to be done on the shift. The dynamic title also displays the task and the customer.


For the user to get information about the customer visible as below;


it is important to add the fields to the customer register and then connect the customer register to the shifts.

1. Add fields to the Customer register

  • Go to "Register settings" (the gear icon at the top right corner > "Register settings" under "Register")
  • Click on the register "Customer" and click on "+ Add" at the bottom
  • Add the relevant fields (in the example above, the following is fields from the customer register; shift information = text, several rows, Adress, Customer email = Email, Customer phone = Phone

2. Make the Customer register fields visible on the shift

  • When in "Register settings", go to the register "Customer"
  • Click "Edit" on a field that you want to be visible in the shift
  • Check the box "Show in linked registers" and save on all relevant fields

3. Configure the dynamic title of the shift

  • By clicking on the field, you get a drop down menu displaying the options that you can add to the dynamic title.
  • In the example above, task and customer is chosen as dynamic title
  • Tip! You can also change what you want as a separator between the field information

4. Change order of the fields in your shifts (optional)

  • You can drag and drop the fields to change their order, you do this by dragging the fields up and down by the dotted lines to the left of the fields.


For Cleaning companies it is not unusual that the employees have several customers (shifts) per day. Timezynk can warn you if you are scheduling your users with connecting shifts or if the shifts are in close proximity, to aovid double booking. To override this, check the box "Allow double booking" before booking the users via the booking tab on the shift.


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