Consulting company - How do I adjust the system to fit my organisation?

Due to it's flexibility Timezynk is used by organisations in various industries, for example, healthcare, recruitment & consulting, railway, hotel & restaurant, facilities management, etc.

While using the system with the standard settings for shifts and time reports work well for some of our customers, we believe that tailoring the system to fit one's needs is what makes the biggest difference in daily operations.


Set up for a Consulting company 

A consulting company typically has to deal with a lot of consults, and a lot of customers, spread out between different projects or assignments. To be able to deal with that in a smooth way, it is important that the shift contains the necessary information for the consult to carry out it's work, and for the scheduler to have a good overview.

In the example below, we've taken a look at the consulting companies that use Timezynk and looked at what they are doing to simplify their scheduling.


In this example, Anna is going to work at Coolcustomer as an IT-consult on the project Test 2.
From the shift info Anna kan see when she is starting her shift, when she has her break, which customer, which task, which project and the address of the work location. The address will also create a link for her that she can click on to get directions if needed. There is also a comment field if there is any more information that Anna needs to know regarding that shift.


1. Add the register field "Project" to your shifts

  • Go to "Register settings" and click on the title "Shifts"
  • Click on "+ Add" and in the field called "Type scroll down the list until you see "Registers"
  • Pick register "Project" and save
  • Note, you need to have created this register beforehand

2. Add the address field

  • When in the register settings for "Shifts", Click on + Add in the bottom and choose the type Address in the side menu
  • If necessary, you can rename the title of the address field

3. Make the Customer Address field visible on the shift (Optional)

If your customers always have the same adress for the specific projects, you can add the address field directly from the customer in the shift by doing the following;

  • When in "Register settings", go to the register "Customer"
  • Click "Edit" on the address that you want to be visible in the shift
  • Check the box "Show in linked registers" and save

4. Configure the dynamic title of the shift

In the example above, the title only contains the customer name, but it is possible to have it display more information about the shift.

  • Go to the Register settings and click on Shifts, at the top you can see the dynamic title field.
  • By clicking on the field, you get a drop down menu displaying the options that you can add to the dynamic title.
  • Tip! You can also change what you want as a separator between the field information

5. Change order of the fields in your shifts (optional)

  • You can drag and drop the fields to change their order, you do this by dragging the fields up and down by the dotted lines to the left of the fields.




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